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Since 1984.

At SHEN TOOLS, we take pride in supplying our clients with world-class and high-quality standard carbide burrs.

Shen Tools is the leading carbide cutting tools manufacturer based in Ningbo, China since 1984. Shen Tools offers Industrial-grade carbide burrs, carbide end mills, etc. Serving Aerospace, Automotive, Power generation, Rail, Oil & Gas, Metal fabrication, Marine, Foundries and other industries.

We have a complete supply system and advanced fully automatic production equipment. Our expertise lies in continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and timely delivery of products.

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Industries That We Serve

As the best carbide cutting tools manufacturer in China, SHEN TOOLS has been committed to serving these industries.

Quality & After-Sales Service

The industrial-grade quality is what we demand and advocate for. By achieving the highest level of quality, we aim to eliminate the need for after-sales service. Currently, SHENTOOLS has a complaint rate of 0.

our mission

At SHEN TOOLS, our mission is to be globally competitive in a highly volatile market. We aim to be the go-to global Carbide Cutting Tools supplier, particularly for tools used in critical industries. We can achieve this through intensive research and development. We understand that this endeavor is a continuous one. Also, by being innovative and technological reform, we can provide better products to our customers. We are employing modern technology to aid our technicians and staff to further enhance our customer service. Furthermore, we aim to provide top of the line value by emphasizing safety and quality assurance of our products.


SHEN TOOLS has passed the highest quality management standard stipulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The manufacture of our carbohydrate burrs has passed ISO 9001: 2015.

We guarantee that all our products have passed the quality control and strict regulations implemented by our company as well as international organizations. Our certifications ensure our product lines meet industry standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Our manufacturing plant works round the clock to provide its customers carbide cutting tools which can be customized to the preferences of the clients. We take pride in being able to meet production deadlines and provide our clients with what they need through the efficient production chain. Our technicians are experts in their fields and are committed to delivering the products in the allotted delivery schedules. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and we aim to deliver our products according to the specifications provided to us by our customers. Our employees understand that time is important. When we commit to a certain timeframe, rest assured that this would be done so.

Check out our customer testimonials below:

We work with SHEN TOOLS because it is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of carbide burrs and other tools. The quality and consistency of their products guarantee full satisfaction of end users. SHEN TOOLS‘s professional and customer-focused approach coupled with the knowledge and experience of their staff naturally result in our willingness to maintain long-term cooperation.
SHEN TOOLS has top notch Carbide Burrs, which is what attracted us to them. They provide quality and durable products which we are confident to sell to our end users. We like their product quality, technical superiority and support and have found the experience of working with SHEN TOOLS to be rewarding and fun. I would recommend SHEN TOOLS for their quality, technical support and after sales service.
The service relationship with SHEN TOOLS over many years has always been professional, efficient and friendly, from a company supplying world class products into our various industries in. We have always been able to rely on consistent high quality products supplied to us, knowing that SHEN TOOLS will always go 'the extra mile'to ensure customer satisfaction.

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